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P1020023I am a researcher in Ancient History, focussing on the evolution of ancient Greek political and social thought.

I am most interested in ancient ideas about kingship, tyranny and other forms of sole rule.  My current research focusses on how citizens of ancient Greek city-states interacted with absolute rulers, whether tyrants of other Greek states or the kings of non-Greek peoples, and on the anxieties and debates that these interactions raised.

Other research interests include:  Archaic Greek politics, particularly those depicted in epic;  performance of epic, tragedy and comedy in Ancient Greece;  the construction of the role of the emperor in Julio-Claudian Rome;  the relationship between civic space and political power in Greek and Roman thought.

I currently teach Ancient Greek language, literature and history at Cambridge University.


CV:  DanielUnruhCVJune2018

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email:  daniel.unruh@cantab.net

academia.edu:  https://cambridge.academia.edu/DanielUnruh



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