This will be where I share various thoughts on Ancient history, culture and thought. Interesting things I’ve discovered, comparisons between modern and ancient history, and discussions of how ancient history is handled in the media, popular culture, and the like.  To get things started, I am going to copy a post I made for Res Gerendae, the Cambridge Faculty of Classics’ graduate student blog, in which I try to come to grips with a certain popular series about ancient myth.

In future, there will no doubt be discussions of such topics as tyranny, ancient politics, the misuse of astronomical evidence in ancient history, and giant mechanical snails (no really).

You can find more about me in the cunningly titled About Me section, and links to my more academic writings in the Publications section.  The Teaching page will eventually have notes, handouts and the like for the various course I’ve taught, though at the moment it’s a bit basic.

Thanks for coming by;  talk more soon!

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