11000492_767073103388010_5982567317567721028_oI’m very keen on bringing the Classical world to a wide variety of audiences.  I’ve been involved in a wide variety of outreach activities, both in person and online.

I’ve been involved in a wide variety of outreach activities.  For the past three years, I’ve been one of the instructors at the Alexander the Great Holiday History Camp, run by the Civilizations in Contact project at Wolfson College, Cambridge (http://www.cic.ames.cam.ac.uk/).  In this camp, high-school students from across the UK learned about Alexander and his conquest of the Persian Empire, and used sophisticated mapping software.  A blog produced by some of the previous sessions of this camp can be found here: http://alexanderthegreat2015.com/.

I’ve also taken part in a number of outreach activities for the Faculty of Classics at Cambridge.  I have twice led workshops on Alexander the Great as part of the Faculty’s GCSE Open Days, and have also presented on the life of Socrates for visiting GCSE students.  I also given a presentation on ancient tyranny and democracy for the Faculty’s GCSE Ancient History Teachers’ professional development workshop.

In terms of online outreach, in addition to this blog, I was a regular contributor to Res Gerendae, the Graduate blog of the Cambridge Faculty of Classics (https://resgerendae.wordpress.com/).  I have also contributed a video to the Classics Faculty’s outreach website, Greeks, Romans, and Us (http://www.greeksromansus.classics.cam.ac.uk/), entitled ‘Licensed to Kill?’

I am happy to give presentations on a wide range of aspects of the ancient worlds to any audience, from primary school children up.  If you’re interested in having me speak, please don’t hesitate to contact me at daniel.unruh@cantab.net.


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